Art advisors play a vital role in the art world by providing guidance and advice to both individual collectors and businesses. Stacy Kessler Art Advisory was established to customize your experience and engagement with art by understanding market trends and artistic styles that reflect your personal taste and align with your investment goals. We serve as a trusted advisor to enrich and facilitate the discovery and appreciation of exceptional artwork. Whether a first time buyer, a specific request for an artist or vintage, or adding a new piece of artwork, our goal is to create a collection that truly reflects the collector’s passion for art. By working closely with our clients, we help navigate the art market with strategic planning to artwork selection and negotiating, thus enhancing the overall art-buying experience while building long-term relationships with collectors.

Services include; Private and Corporate Consulting, Acquisitions and Sales, Curatorial Design, Art Investment Strategy and Collection Management with a confidential, secure approach to art acquisition. Stacy Kessler Art Advisory offers a bespoke approach to clients, including virtual and private art tours and access to exclusive artworks and photography through her international network.

Immersed in New York City’s art scene, studying painting, photography, design and dance since childhood, combined with experience in both domestic and International art markets, Stacy developed a narrative for seamlessly integrating art into residential and commercial lifestyles. She works closely with The Steiner Gallery, Vienna Austria and Galerie Alexander E. Raber Zurich, Switzerland, currently representing large estates and curating art exhibitions in Manhattan, The Hamptons and Palm Beach.

Private & Corporate Consulting

Offering expert guidance to individuals and businesses; Curating collections, Facilitating acquisitions, Conducting appraisals, and Customizing collections.

Acquisitions and Sales

Art acquisitions and divesting for individuals and businesses. Leveraging knowledge of the art market to guide clients in making informed decisions

Curatorial Design Services

Creating visually captivating collections of artworks for private and corporate venues.

Art Investment Strategy & Collection

Building investment level art portfolios customized to meet each client’s needs.