Stacy Kessler

Art Investment & Advisory

NY | Aspen | LA | Miami | Vienna | London | Zurich

Discover Art That Speaks to You

Hiring an art consultant provides you with valuable knowledge and expertise to assist in navigating the art world confidently. We deal with various art forms, styles and historical contexts and work closely with private clients and businesses to cater to specific tastes, preferences, and budgets to find artworks that resonate with you on an emotional and aesthetic level.

Art Advisory Services

Private & Corporate Consulting

Offering expert guidance to individuals and businesses; Curating collections, Facilitating  acquisitions, Conducting  appraisals, and Customizing  collections.

Acquisitions and Sales

Art acquisitions and divesting for individuals and businesses. Leveraging knowledge of the art market to guide clients in making informed decisions.

Curatorial Design

Creating visually captivating collections  of artworks for private and corporate venues.

Art Investment Strategy & Collection

Building investment-level art portfolios customized to meet each client’s needs.

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